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If you are in working in the House building industry and contemplating the next move or being asked to hire a new member of the team then we are the people for you! We are not confined to office hours nor a fixed location and we guarantee to all customers undisputed 1-2-1 customer service.

So if you’re looking to hire the best the industry has to offer or looking to make a career-elevating decision, the forged relationships between both client and candidate conducted by our designated consultants are what truly sets us apart. We have been told our screening process is unique and has been the cornerstone to our success & longevity for over 20 years.

Couple together longevity, correct processes and undisputed customer service attracts the best opportunities and talent this great sector has to offer.

Undisputed customer service

“Our niche market database covers all house building specialisms, from junior to senior. Contact our consultants today to increase your chances of landing your dream job”

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Our House building recruitment service that covers South of England. If you’re looking for your next career step, call or email us.

Phone: 01344 371511

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Our team of recruitment specialists are HIGHLY knowledgeable on House Building Recruitment Roles.

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