Why Should I instruct Adrian Fisher?


Candidate Knowledge

Quantity of contacts, live info, the candidates choice of recruiter.



Unrivalled service, access not restricted to working hours, cutting edge methods.


The Result

Client satisfaction guaranteed, fee’s capped or fixed, totally bespoke.

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What sets aside adrian fisher ltd from the rest?

The majority of service driven businesses profess to offer the same features and services but fail to offer an experience. It’s that simple fact that we feel sets us aside from others – A fantastic experience! Below are just some of the features we offer with our “bespoke headhunting” service.

Pre headhunting

  • Preliminary meeting to establish job specification
  • Behavioural Profiling on fellow board members / peers
  • “A fly on the wall social” to gain a true insight into personalities of peers
  • Exit interview previous seat holder

Research stage

  • Collate marketing material. An Information pack to present to prospective  candidates – essential to impress those hard to reach candidates
  • Sign off Job spec – an agreed brief for all parties to work to
  • Collate and produce research lists
  • Commence with Headhunting


  • Adrian Fisher will re interview where necessary and screen all new  candidates. Notes from screening will be used at shortlist meeting.  These Screenings are often are on Site for Construction Staff.
  • Behavioural Profiling on all screened candidates.

Shortlist meeting

  • Full presentation by Adrian Fisher to select the 3 best suited  candidates from 6
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