Adrian Fisher Ltd was established in February 1999 by Adrian Fisher at the age of 21. By April, he had acquired the services of Karen MacPhee to set up internet systems & establish a land & sales desk. With the reputation growing steadily, an opportunity arose to act as the lead supplier for Laing Homes Group, which contributed in Laing Homes winning the coveted award “What House Builder of the Year” two years running and latterly comparable success with Linden Homes PLC.

Now firmly established, Adrian concentrated on horizontally building teams on an exclusivity basis within large and small house builders. With an operating area of the South East & Coast, Midlands, London & West Country, some of these teams are still together today.

Early on and without any warning came a screening with Scott O’Brien, a gifted Senior Buyer looking for his next challenge. Both not expecting nearly 8 years on, 500+ screenings, 1 recession and 4 children between them, they still share the same appetite for delivering quality introductions time and time again.